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African Spring

South Africa was a stunning experience.  We were there for three months during 2014. Winter was just turning into spring. We took lots of videos, and they’re all on our YouTube site.

You can also access them by clicking here.

We also took lots of photos of animals, which we deliberately did not publish at the time, due to the high risk of poaching. Poachers can often geotrack animal locations from the information in photos. So here they are now!

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South Africa Videos

Our YouTube video channel has all our videos, just click here to subscribe, so you can easily find videos.

In 2014, we spent three amazing months in South Africa. Part of the time we were working as volunteers on a number of different game reserves, and part of the time we were travelling with friends.

To read about our stay in South Africa click here. These are our videos, in no particular order, to help us remember those beautiful days:

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Views of Soweto

In August 2014, soon after Chris and I arrived in South Africa, we visited Soweto.  I didn’t previously know that the name of the township was made up of the English words SOuth WEstern TOwnship.

Soweto (2)

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Buffalo Valley!

I’ve got bruises on my arms and legs from bouncing in the land rover, thorns in my hands from digging out invasive cactus plants, and elephant spit down my back, and I’m having a blast!

buffelsdrift (5)

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Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town

Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens I’ve ever been to. I could spend days there, I could live there! Here’s a little photo essay, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Kirstenbosch Gardens (19)

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Snapshots of life in Emakhosini Opathe Wildlife Reserve

Pounding posts into the ground, slashing grasses with a panga, so the waving grass doesn’t trigger

Chris with panga

the camera, and waste pictures. Watching giraffes watching us, as we drive by. Gazing at lovely kudu with the huge ears, laughing at impala, as they jump around and scamper off, not knowing which way to run.

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