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Housesitting can be a good way to experience a more “local” kind of living, and a great way to save money too!  We were asked to stay in, and look after the home of a long-time friend, while we were in California, and so we decided to investigate further. Continue reading Housesitting

End of Chapter One

Hobe Sound & Fort Lauderdale

Writing this on our cruise ship as we motor closer to the Azores, I can now look back on our last few days in the US. Continue reading End of Chapter One

Gypsy Chickens of Key West

We drove down to Key West, just for the day. Driving the overseas highway is fun – it seems like a regular road, with businesses and houses, trees and landscaping, then suddenly it opens up and you realise that you’re on a bridge, driving between islands!


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Lunch with a Manatee!

Today we decided to have lunch in the Pilot House restaurant, which is only a couple of boats along from our boat. We were just finishing lunch at the glass bottom bar, and chatting with the barman, when the cry went up: “manatee! Pepe is back!”

Manatee (17)

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On the water in Key Largo

We’re not sailors, the closest we come to it is being on a dive boat, but we decided to book accommodation through airbnb that is a BOAT, yes really!  We’re staying on a sailboat in the Pilot House Marina in Key Largo.

Dej O Mej (15)
Dej O Mej (You & Me in Swedish) sailboat: our home for 10 days in Key Largo

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Sensory Overload

~ From Atlanta to Florida

We’ve been travelling since the end of November 2013, and we’ve done so much and seen so much, our brains and bodies are suffering from sensory overload.

Charleston (19)

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Standing on the Corner, and other things!

A little photo review of a few small places we visited in December 2013, on our journey across the USA:

Winslow Arizona

(“I was standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona….”).

Standing on the Corner
“there’s a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford…”

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Topanga Canyon, California

On our journey south through California, we decided to book an overnight through airbnb, in an interesting looking artist commune in Topanga Canyon. We had fun in this quirky place! Click here to book it!

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