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“…where the buffalo roam”

And they do, all over the place! Although they’re not actually buffalo, they are Bison – Bison bison to be exact. They are large and wooly, and rather scruffy at this time of year, as they’re shedding their winter coats. They also have large horns, and lots of muscle, it’s a smart idea to stay out of their way!

Artists Paintpot & Chromatic pool (121)

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USA Videos

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From November 2013, when we sold our house in San Jose, California, to April 2014, when we boarded a ship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to take us to England, we drove across the US, taking a southern route, and explored some interesting places. Continue reading USA Videos

Palo Duro, the secret grand canyon!

Palo Duro Canyon State Park, just a short drive south of Amarillo Texas, in my opinion, should be as well known and well visited as its cousin the Grand Canyon to the west in Arizona. It is gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, amazing! No, it’s not as deep as the Grand Canyon, but you can drive to the bottom, and then hike short or longer trails very easily. It’s extremely accessible and simply stunning! Thank you Texas!

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Standing on the Corner, and other things!

A little photo review of a few small places we visited in December 2013, on our journey across the USA:

Winslow Arizona

(“I was standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona….”).

Standing on the Corner
“there’s a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford…”

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It’s About the People

We’ve seen some great places, and some less interesting places, but it’s the people who are making the journey interesting. So many different people, the quirky artist in Las Vegas, the kind artist airbnb host in Santa Fe who had dinner waiting for us when we arrived after a long drive from Sedona. She also took us to the beautiful Tent Rocks for hiking, and to a concert on New Year’s Eve.

The amazing Tent Rocks

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The Third Coast

Austin’s got it going on!  Swans on the river, live music in the supermarkets, great food trucks, house concerts.

Austin (11)

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South Texas Musings

Two weeks in San Antonio

Where we stayed

We stayed at the home of a great couple, Harvey & Sylvia, (booked through airbnb) about a couple of miles or so to the north of the city center, in a suite of living room/kitchen + very large bathroom – 2 sinks, 2 walk in showers – plus laundry room plus large bedroom, which was a single story building attached to the rear of the main, large 2 story house – they had 2 smaller suites for rent on the top floor there.  The house is on a large lot, so we were able to park right outside our front door, protected by an electronically controlled gate and 2 fierce looking German Shepherds, Mercedes & Sophia.  They would bark & growl a bit at first, so I’m sure are very effective at keeping ne’er do wells away, but once they get to know you – about 20 seconds – they are all over you looking for treats :^)  Harvey & Sylvia also have a miniature poodle looking dog, which is a real attention seeker, & would sit outside our back patio doors, looking in expectantly with wagging tail & adoring brown eyes.  Let her in, and she’d be sooooo excited, ooh, ooh, ooh!

Flower the dog

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Texas Tumbleweed

As we left Amarillo heading south to Lubbock we could see and feel the wind had picked up substantially. We drove down I-27 and could see what appeared to be a haze of low cloud hanging over the road. Eventually we realised it was dust. The wind was blowing hard, all the trees were bent against the prevailing wind, even a barn was lopsided and bent.


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