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Airbnb experiences

I’ve noticed some articles recently about a possible backlash against Airbnb, so this has prompted me to write this post. I’d like to make it really clear that we don’t receive, and haven’t asked to receive, any preferential treatment from Airbnb, this is simply a post about our experiences!  Continue reading Airbnb experiences

The Year Before

~ an occasional diary of 2013.

It’s April and we’re planning our first garage sale this coming weekend! A few friends have already come and bought some items. It’s nice to know that some of our treasures will be enjoyed by people we know. I’m alternating between putting price tickets on items, and taking old bank statements to the shredding place I’ve discovered. Yes they now know me there!

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About the Blog

We’re Chris and Danila and we are travelling the world, and where we can we’re volunteering on conservation projects, and writing about our experiences in this blog.

How did this come about? About 20 years ago we had this idea that “when we retire, we’ll have a B & B, it’ll be fun!”

Now instead of buying a house and land, we’ve sold a house and all its contents. Some friends are envious, others have asked how can we possibly sell everything? Are we really not keeping anything at all?  Click here to read our diary of 2013, about how we gave away or sold everything! Continue reading About the Blog