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How to travel for 4+ years and have more money than you started with!

People frequently ask us how we can afford to travel all the time, so I thought I would share some of the basics of our experience, so you can see if it will work for you. Continue reading How to travel for 4+ years and have more money than you started with!

South East Asian Airlines

This is a completely subjective, personal view of some of the various SE Asian airlines, from our experiences of flying around the area between February and June 2017.  In no particular order: Continue reading South East Asian Airlines

I have depression

I’m writing this to continue the discussion about mental health issues. I’m happy to see more discussion happening, and I think it’s important to keep talking, and to reduce and eventually remove the stigma of depression and other mental health issues.  Continue reading I have depression

Don’t believe everything they tell you!

~ A cautionary tale…

Standing at the Air NZ check-in desk at LAX, booking a flight to Sydney, wasn’t in my plans for today, but, oh well! Continue reading Don’t believe everything they tell you!

Reposition Yourself!

We learned about repositioning cruises from our online buddies and inspiration, Lynne and Tim Martin of HomeFree Adventures. When we were planning our first “exit” from California, we decided to use a repositioning cruise as our means of transport from Florida to the UK, as we had the time, and Continue reading Reposition Yourself!


Housesitting can be a good way to experience a more “local” kind of living, and a great way to save money too!  We were asked to stay in, and look after the home of a long-time friend, while we were in California, and so we decided to investigate further. Continue reading Housesitting

Keeping in Touch


We’re often asked questions like “how do you get your mail?” Truth is, we don’t get very much now! Think about it: we can do our banking and manage our credit cards online. There are no utility bills, because we’ve sold the house. Apart from that, I bet most of the mail we used to get was junk, so that’s no loss!  Continue reading Keeping in Touch