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Reposition Yourself!

We learned about repositioning cruises from our online buddies and inspiration, Lynne and Tim Martin of HomeFree Adventures. When we were planning our first “exit” from California, we decided to use a repositioning cruise as our means of transport from Florida to the UK, as we had the time, and Continue reading Reposition Yourself!


Housesitting can be a good way to experience a more “local” kind of living, and a great way to save money too!  We were asked to stay in, and look after the home of a long-time friend, while we were in California, and so we decided to investigate further. Continue reading Housesitting

Airbnb experiences

I’ve noticed some articles recently about a possible backlash against Airbnb, so this has prompted me to write this post. I’d like to make it really clear that we don’t receive, and haven’t asked to receive, any preferential treatment from Airbnb, this is simply a post about our experiences!  Continue reading Airbnb experiences

Volunteering or Voluntourism?

This post first appeared in Retirement and Good Living blog.  

Whether retired baby-boomers or gap-year kids, it seems more and more people are getting involved in international volunteering. What is it, and how do you choose which project to get involved in? Continue reading Volunteering or Voluntourism?