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His packing list

Like Danila, I have one large carry on bag, plus one smaller carry on, which I had intended to also use as a back pack, as it incorporates shoulder straps and is a bit smaller than Danila’s version.  However, in the year I’ve had it, Continue reading His packing list

Her packing list

~ or, how to pack everything you own into 2 carry-on bags, forever!

If you’re going to be a traveller with minimalist luggage, you can’t be a fashionista! Fortunately, I never was much of one. When we first started planning to travel full-time, keeping nothing in storage, I went through my cupboards and wardrobes many times, culling items. Continue reading Her packing list

Travel Knicker Debate!

Today I enter the great knicker debate, although from what I’ve read there isn’t that much debate, or am I wrong? Are Ex-Officio the best travel undies? I’m on a mission to find out! Continue reading Travel Knicker Debate!