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Galapagos Islands

We travelled to the Galapagos Islands with Lead Adventures, based in Quito, Ecuador. I really like the fact that they’re a local company, and so a lot of what you pay goes to the locals, and has an immediate impact. As soon as we arrived on Santa Cruz Island, we were taken to an area that borders the National Park, and where the giant tortoises are often found:

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African Spring

South Africa was a stunning experience.  We were there for three months during 2014. Winter was just turning into spring. We took lots of videos, and they’re all on our YouTube site.

You can also access them by clicking here.

We also took lots of photos of animals, which we deliberately did not publish at the time, due to the high risk of poaching. Poachers can often geotrack animal locations from the information in photos. So here they are now!

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Galapagos Videos

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Galapagos Islands! What a place! Myths, dreams, science and stories. We had to come here!

Read about our Galapagos trip here.

Enjoy the video, just as we did! Check out the sealion chasing the white tip reef shark at about 2’25” 🙂

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Costa Rica & Cuba Videos

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We first visited Costa Rica in about 1994, and loved the diversity of landscape and animals to be found here. We were also impressed by the early conservation efforts made the government. We decided to come back in 2015, and spend some time volunteering on a turtle reserve: Pacuare Turtle Reserve, and then travel around the country.

Read about our time in Costa Rica by clicking here. These are our videos of Costa Rica: animals and fun!

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Belize Videos

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Belize is turning into one of our favourite places! We first visited in 1996, right after certifying as SCUBA divers. We’ve now been back four times (so far!) We love going to Punta Gorda, in the southernmost part of Belize, and diving with dive conservation company ReefCI on the beautiful Sapodilla Cayes. Here are some dive videos, and some land videos! To read about our time in Belize, and see more photos, click here.

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South Africa Videos

Our YouTube video channel has all our videos, just click here to subscribe, so you can easily find videos.

In 2014, we spent three amazing months in South Africa. Part of the time we were working as volunteers on a number of different game reserves, and part of the time we were travelling with friends.

To read about our stay in South Africa click here. These are our videos, in no particular order, to help us remember those beautiful days:

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Las baulas y las hormigas

(header photo courtesy of Miriam Girasol)

The Leatherbacks and the Ants!

I am coming to terms with leaf-cutter ants coming into our cabin at night, and walking their endless trail up and down the door with their carefully cut pieces of leaf ready to feed their fungus.

SANY0086 (1280x960)

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Central America coming up!

You may know that Chris and I have sold everything and are permanent travellers. We are mixing in working as volunteers on various conservation projects, with travelling and staying in interesting places, and living as much as possible with the locals. We’ve just spent Christmas in England with family, after a wonderful three months in South Africa, and we’re off again in a couple of days’ time!

We’ll be taking a one-way cruise from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale, on the beautiful Cunard ship Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth, from the Cunard line

We’ll be relaxing, and no doubt eating too much!

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