Diving in the Coral Sea

We were in Queensland, so of course we had to go scuba diving! Instead of doing a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef, we decided to go a little further out, and dive on the outer reefs in the Coral Sea. After some research and many recommendations from other divers, we booked with Mike Ball Expeditions.  And on our last day, a whale shark came to check us out!


Also on the last day of the trip we were treated to a shark-fest!

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The on-board pro photographer, Julia Sumerling, shot some great pics, and video, click here and scroll down to 10-14 November, to see our trip!

During the four days we were on board there was a fun photography competition, which is entered anonymously, and judged informally by all on board, by means of cheers and clapping. I’m immensely proud to say that three of my photos won first, second and third places!

First, second and third!  Click on photos to view full-size.

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We did see a certain amount of coral bleaching, but this area is further out than the Great Barrier Reef, so it’s not as badly affected.

Our boat Spoilsport, was very well equipped, with a spacious dive deck.  We were each allocated our own permanent space, where our dive tanks were refilled in situ. There was plenty of room for both wet and dry gear.  The meals on board were excellent quality, and there was always snacks, fruit, tea and coffee available.  The crew were all incredibly friendly, hard-working and cheerful. Nothing was too much trouble, and the singalong entertainment on the last evening was great fun!

Route and dive locations

The boat moved locations at night, and we had the opportunity to do 14 dives over three full days. On the last day, we disembarked at Lizard Island, and took a very low-level flight back to Cairns – from which we had some amazing views of the reef.

Lizard Island

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We were pretty tired after a full and thrilling three days. I’m so glad we did this splurge. (We paid the full and fair market price for our trip. Not cheap, but excellent value.) With thanks to Mike Ball and all the crew!

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3 thoughts on “Diving in the Coral Sea”

  1. That sounds amazing! You got some fabulous photos, and I was impressed by the really bright colours of the coral. We were at the GBR a few years ago and I don’t remember it being that brightly coloured.

    1. Hi Alison, thank you for your kind comments! the massive visibility helped, plus the magic of lightroom – not faked, but bringing out the true colours 🙂 it’s a stunning area 🙂

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