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In November and December 2017 we visited incredible India, here’s a little of what we saw: (keep checking back, we’re here until early January!)


Friends in Delhi invited us to join them at a cousin’s wedding, we were honoured to be included.



Demonstration of ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu: look out for two members of our group joining the demonstration at the 33 second mark!

Uttar Pradesh


Extraordinary, ancient holy city of Varanasi. First stop on our tour of northern India with Royal Expeditions.

Madhya Pradesh

Kanha National Park:

December 2017: Staying at Kanha National Park, with Pugdundee Safaris, we had our first tiger sighting!

This is Neelam (Kashmiri Blue Sapphire) MPKTR T-65. about 8, 9 years old. Currently raising her third litter, 4 cubs of about 7, 8 months. Way over in the grass, moving, hiding in the grass, then sneakily crossed under the bridge where one Gypsy was parked! Appeared close by on the other side of the road, growled, jumped. Moved on. We were back later, and suddenly saw her in a clearing! Watched, waited, but no more. Beautiful Neelam!



Fishing nets at Kochin:

Union Territory of Puducherry

former French colonial town of Pondicherry

Tamil Nadu


Crazy rickshaw ride through the streets of Madurai. From the flower market to the temple. Passing the onion market, housewives, children, workers, residents. Lots of fun, and our driver went off with a huge smile after the tip we gave him 🙂


Temple of Meenakshi, Madurai:

Lost wax bronze making, ancient art:

Temple at Thanjavur:

Ooty steam train:


on the road to Hassan:

Processing sugar cane for jaggery

Mysore river scene:

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