Pebble (no) Beach

As we recently drove south down Highway 1, leaving Monterey and heading for our next stop of Cambria, just south of the famous Hearst Castle, I was reminded of our first visit to this area, over 21 years ago, in 1992. Continue reading Pebble (no) Beach

A Strange Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Day, nearly 20 years since Chris and I arrived in the US, and we’re now planning our departure. We’ve sold the house (completed and closed escrow yesterday), we’ve been in a small studio with kitchenette for several days, and today is Thanksgiving. Continue reading A Strange Thanksgiving

The Year Before

~ an occasional diary of 2013.

It’s April and we’re planning our first garage sale this coming weekend! A few friends have already come and bought some items. It’s nice to know that some of our treasures will be enjoyed by people we know. I’m alternating between putting price tickets on items, and taking old bank statements to the shredding place I’ve discovered. Yes they now know me there!

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Travel Knicker Debate!

Today I enter the great knicker debate, although from what I’ve read there isn’t that much debate, or am I wrong? Are Ex-Officio the best travel undies? I’m on a mission to find out! Continue reading Travel Knicker Debate!

About the Blog

We’re Chris and Danila and we are travelling the world, and where we can we’re volunteering on conservation projects, and writing about our experiences in this blog.

How did this come about? About 20 years ago we had this idea that “when we retire, we’ll have a B & B, it’ll be fun!”

Now instead of buying a house and land, we’ve sold a house and all its contents. Some friends are envious, others have asked how can we possibly sell everything? Are we really not keeping anything at all?  Click here to read our diary of 2013, about how we gave away or sold everything! Continue reading About the Blog

Belize (again!)

In July 2013, we paused in our de-cluttering of the house ready for sale, and went back to ReefCI in Belize for a couple of weeks’ diving and reef conservation work.

Belize 2013

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Death Valley

Death Valley is just stunning. It’s hard to find words that haven’t been used before. The colours and shapes are endlessly beautiful, the sense of vastness, of infinite age are awe-inspiring. We went in February 2013, and it was pretty warm then. I almost can’t imagine how hot it gets in the summer! Since my words are not new I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. If you go, take plenty of water!

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Death Valley 2012

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