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Standing on the Corner, and other things!

A little photo review of a few small places we visited in December 2013, on our journey across the USA:

Winslow Arizona

(“I was standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona….”).

Standing on the Corner
“there’s a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford…”

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It’s About the People

We’ve seen some great places, and some less interesting places, but it’s the people who are making the journey interesting. So many different people, the quirky artist in Las Vegas, the kind artist airbnb host in Santa Fe who had dinner waiting for us when we arrived after a long drive from Sedona. She also took us to the beautiful Tent Rocks for hiking, and to a concert on New Year’s Eve.

The amazing Tent Rocks

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Texas Tumbleweed

As we left Amarillo heading south to Lubbock we could see and feel the wind had picked up substantially. We drove down I-27 and could see what appeared to be a haze of low cloud hanging over the road. Eventually we realised it was dust. The wind was blowing hard, all the trees were bent against the prevailing wind, even a barn was lopsided and bent.


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