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Western Australia Roadtrip

We have seen the beginnings of life on Earth. In a secluded corner of Western Australia, within Shark Bay, near Useless Loop, is Hamelin Pool.  And here are stromatolites.

Shell Beach & Stromatolites
Shell Beach & Stromatolites

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Kia Orana!

~ that’s Cook Islands Maori for “hello”, and everyone calls it out as we cycle around the island of Rarotonga. We first came to Raro, as everyone calls it, in 2010 and loved the laidback island lifestyle, so we decided to spend a month here on our way to New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia. Continue reading Kia Orana!

Music, mojitos and missiles!

Cuba is all that and more. It’s a developed country with an educated workforce with teachers, doctors and engineers, but the water is not safe to drink (even the locals buy bottled water).

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Belize Videos

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Belize is turning into one of our favourite places! We first visited in 1996, right after certifying as SCUBA divers. We’ve now been back four times (so far!) We love going to Punta Gorda, in the southernmost part of Belize, and diving with dive conservation company ReefCI on the beautiful Sapodilla Cayes. Here are some dive videos, and some land videos! To read about our time in Belize, and see more photos, click here.

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Las baulas y las hormigas

(header photo courtesy of Miriam Girasol)

The Leatherbacks and the Ants!

I am coming to terms with leaf-cutter ants coming into our cabin at night, and walking their endless trail up and down the door with their carefully cut pieces of leaf ready to feed their fungus.

SANY0086 (1280x960)

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Pebble (no) Beach

As we recently drove south down Highway 1, leaving Monterey and heading for our next stop of Cambria, just south of the famous Hearst Castle, I was reminded of our first visit to this area, over 21 years ago, in 1992. Continue reading Pebble (no) Beach