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Kaikoura to Nelson

While we were road-tripping in New Zealand, we spent several weeks in the South Island of New Zealand, and during that time we drove from Kaikoura to Nelson. Continue reading Kaikoura to Nelson

Costa Rica & Cuba Videos

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We first visited Costa Rica in about 1994, and loved the diversity of landscape and animals to be found here. We were also impressed by the early conservation efforts made the government. We decided to come back in 2015, and spend some time volunteering on a turtle reserve: Pacuare Turtle Reserve, and then travel around the country.

Read about our time in Costa Rica by clicking here. These are our videos of Costa Rica: animals and fun!

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Photographing Faeries

Hummingbirds move so very fast, it’s hard to photograph them.  My regular camera seems to have died (I need to see if it can be repaired), and Chris tried taking stills and video with his video camera, but I think the most successful and fun photos came from the auto option on the smart phone, that takes bursts of photos with one press of the button.

hummies (4)

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This is Zululand, not Disneyland!

“This is Zululand, not Disneyland!” so says Wildlife Act….

Zululand (19)

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