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Terrific Timor-Leste!

In July 2016, we went to the small country of Timor-Leste, in the Coral Triangle, with Blue Ventures.  Our mission was to spend six weeks diving in the most bio-diverse marine system in the world.

Seal faced puffer fish

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Ningaloo Nirvana

In early April we roadtripped up the coast of Western Australia from Perth to Exmouth, with the specific intention of spending a month scuba-diving on the Ningaloo reef. Everyone knows the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland but not many people outside the diving community have heard of the Ningaloo. Continue reading Ningaloo Nirvana

Diving in the Coral Sea

We were in Queensland, so of course we had to go scuba diving! Instead of doing a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef, we decided to go a little further out, and dive on the outer reefs in the Coral Sea. After some research and many recommendations from other divers, we booked with Mike Ball Expeditions.  And on our last day, a whale shark came to check us out!


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Translucent Tasmania – South-based

Part 1 ~ South-based adventures (Hobart)!

Light, luminance, clarity – this is what comes to mind when I remember Tasmania. The light, the air, everything seemed so clean and clear and vibrant. I suppose many of us are so used to living in cities and countries where we’re used to a certain amount of smog and dirt in the air, and we just don’t notice it. Until we come to a place like Tasmania, where to look at landscapes and coastlines and oceans is like looking through a crystal. It is a hugely noticeable thing 🙂

Beautiful Tasmania
Beautiful Tasmania

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Aotearoa Road Trip

Three months in New Zealand, you’d think we would manage to see most of this relatively small country! But no, people are always asking us “did you see…?” “did you go to…?” oh well, we’ll have to come back! Aotearoa is the Maori name for the country, and is commonly translated as Land of the Long White Cloud, which is not actually accurate. There are several variations, but Long Pale (or white) Cloud is generally accepted. Continue reading Aotearoa Road Trip

Dive Poor Knights

Chris and I are keen scuba-divers, and while we’re in New Zealand we decided to dive the Poor Knights, in the north of the North Island, as it’s generally rated to be a superb dive location. Well, the ratings are right, how incredible!  Continue reading Dive Poor Knights

Kia Orana!

~ that’s Cook Islands Maori for “hello”, and everyone calls it out as we cycle around the island of Rarotonga. We first came to Raro, as everyone calls it, in 2010 and loved the laidback island lifestyle, so we decided to spend a month here on our way to New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia. Continue reading Kia Orana!

Music, mojitos and missiles!

Cuba is all that and more. It’s a developed country with an educated workforce with teachers, doctors and engineers, but the water is not safe to drink (even the locals buy bottled water).

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