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Roadtrip! Darwin to Uluru

Darwin to Alice Springs

We took a road trip from Darwin to Alice Springs. It was lots of fun! We discovered a few quirky little towns, and drove a road that was mostly pretty straight!

Alice Springs to Uluru

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Wild Adventures!

~ 14 days from Broome to Darwin with Kimberley Wild

We don’t usually plan our travels in great detail, in advance. We have a general idea, and then research places as we go, talk to people we meet along the way, and get ideas. We don’t usually book organised tours either, but in this particular case, we realised that our complete lack of knowledge of the area and the wilderness, meant that if we tried to do it on our own, we would probably die!

Boab tree prison
Boab tree prison

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Translucent Tasmania – South-based

Part 1 ~ South-based adventures (Hobart)!

Light, luminance, clarity – this is what comes to mind when I remember Tasmania. The light, the air, everything seemed so clean and clear and vibrant. I suppose many of us are so used to living in cities and countries where we’re used to a certain amount of smog and dirt in the air, and we just don’t notice it. Until we come to a place like Tasmania, where to look at landscapes and coastlines and oceans is like looking through a crystal. It is a hugely noticeable thing 🙂

Beautiful Tasmania
Beautiful Tasmania

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Translucent Tasmania – North-Based

Part 2 ~ North-based adventures (Launceston)!

Tasmania shines with light and clarity, sparkle and brightness. It’s a cliché, but the air really is like champagne, you can almost taste the bubbles 🙂

Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain
Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain

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Kaikoura to Nelson

While we were road-tripping in New Zealand, we spent several weeks in the South Island of New Zealand, and during that time we drove from Kaikoura to Nelson. Continue reading Kaikoura to Nelson

Cycling through Middle-earth

~ Biking the Otago Central Rail Trail

No wonder Peter Jackson chose New Zealand to shoot the Lord of the Rings series of films – stunning scenery, craggy mountains, endless rolling hills, greenery galore. Central Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand, is a beautiful area. Continue reading Cycling through Middle-earth

Kia Orana!

~ that’s Cook Islands Maori for “hello”, and everyone calls it out as we cycle around the island of Rarotonga. We first came to Raro, as everyone calls it, in 2010 and loved the laidback island lifestyle, so we decided to spend a month here on our way to New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia. Continue reading Kia Orana!