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Delightful Delhi!

We arrived in India on our first visit, in early November 2017. After a fantastic three week tour of southern India, we flew to Delhi for a few days. Delhi is a vibrant city that is worth visiting, but sadly has a horrible pollution problem.  The city is however working to improve the situation.   Continue reading Delightful Delhi!

Southern Indian diary

We’ve been thinking of visiting India for a while, and finally made the decision. With India being so very large and varied, we decided to travel with small groups, and leave the planning to someone else for a change! We started in the south, in Cochin, in the state of Kerala.

The tour we chose was through Exodus Travels  ~  South India Explored.  Their itinerary says “Explore the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka: a region of great charm, southern India offers travellers beautiful cities, colonial hill stations, colourful temples, a relaxed lifestyle, attractive scenery and some of the best food in India. The major cities of the south were once princely capitals of the maharajas, and their magnificent remains contrast dramatically with the cool, mist-shrouded hill stations established by the British Raj. The natural scenery is also immensely rewarding; forest-clad hills slope down to a shoreline of shady lagoons, wooded islands, ancient spice ports and sandy beaches. This is an exceptionally varied and interesting trip and gives a comprehensive view of the whole of South India.”  Continue reading Southern Indian diary

Selfie please Aunty!

We are the most unlikely celebrities, but we feel honoured, and laugh and joke with the schoolchildren (and adults too!) who call out to us “selfie please Aunty!” It’s a delight to stand with them as they all gather round and take selfies with us. And of course it gives us the opportunity to ask to take their photos! So here are some of the beautiful people we met while travelling in southern India. Some are locals, and many were visiting from other parts of India, or have settled here from other places:

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India Videos

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In November and December 2017 we visited incredible India, here’s a little of what we saw: (keep checking back, we’re here until early January!)


Friends in Delhi invited us to join them at a cousin’s wedding, we were honoured to be included.

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