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From Dismay to Enchantment

I’m sorry, I really don’t want to diss Las Vegas, but I’m going to have to.  Disappointing, disconcerting, dismaying.  About 15 years ago, we had stopped in Las Vegas for one night, on our way home from a wonderful motorcycle trip to the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion parks. We saw a show, walked the strip, and decided “been there, done that, no need to come back.”  For various reasons, we needed to stay in Las Vegas for 2 weeks on this journey, and we had been looking forward to the glitz, to people watching, to trying new restaurants. We tried, we really did.

SeaLife DC1400

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Red Rocks and Ancient Graffiti

About 30 minutes’ drive to the west of the 24 hour casinos, all you can eat buffets, and somewhat glazed-eyed people of Las Vegas, is the beautiful state park of Red Rock Canyon.  The open country, big skies, and incredible rock formations are a refreshing change from the city.

Red Rock Canyon LV

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Death Valley

Death Valley is just stunning. It’s hard to find words that haven’t been used before. The colours and shapes are endlessly beautiful, the sense of vastness, of infinite age are awe-inspiring. We went in February 2013, and it was pretty warm then. I almost can’t imagine how hot it gets in the summer! Since my words are not new I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. If you go, take plenty of water!

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Death Valley 2012

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