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Indonesia Videos

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In April 2017, we came to Indonesia. We started our travels in Bali, visiting Ubud, Sidemen, Amed, Munduk and Sanur, before heading off to Flores. After diving outside Maumere, then driving across the island of Flores, we did some extraordinary diving in Labuan Bajo, where we also saw Komodo Dragons! Followed by Yogyakarta, Borobodur, and the jungle in Sumatra!  Keep checking back, there’ll be more videos added as we continue through Indonesia.


Bukit Lawang:

We spent a few days at the Bukit Lawang Hill Resort. We had an incredible time seeing some of the snakes that Bobi rescues, and also trekking in the jungle to see the orang utans. We finished the jungle trek with a fun river float!

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Malaysian Borneo Videos

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We spent about 4 weeks in Borneo! Borneo is the name of an island, occupied by three separate countries: Brunei, Indonesia, and the states of Sarawak and Sabah of the federal constitutional monarchy of Malaysia. Malaysia consists of thirteen states and three federal territories, situated largely on two land masses: Peninsular Malaysia, and Eastern Malaysia (Borneo). We’re visiting the state of Sabah, first to see the terrestrial wildlife at Sepilok and Kinabatangan, and then to Semporna to do some diving off the east coast.


While we were in Semporna, the Regatta Lepa took place. This is an annual event – a magnificent display of the traditional wooden carved single-mast sailing boats of the Bajau people. The Bajau are a nomadic people, of various groups, clans and families, that traditionally live on the water in this region.

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Vietnam Videos

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We spent six weeks in Vietnam during February/March 2017. We very much enjoyed meeting the people, learning a little about the different cultures around the country, including some of the ethnic minorities in central and NW Vietnam. Oh and the food!


Sapa is a town in the mountains of NW Vietnam, near the Chinese border. The French used it as an escape from the heat of Hanoi. It’s now popular as a base for visiting the ethnic minority villages around: the Black Hmong, Flower Hmong, Red Dao and others. We very much enjoyed a two day motorbike tour with Sapa O’Chau, which included a homestay in a Red Dao village.

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7 Top Things to do in Sydney

The first stop on our year-long visit to Australia was the iconic harbour city of Sydney. Such a beautiful city! Lots of stunning new architecture, we especially loved all the greenery and planting on balconies. There’s a lively, vibrant, young feel to the city, I can imagine living here  🙂

P1290015 (1280x853)

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Australia Videos

We spent 2016 travelling round Australia. We started in Sydney, then drive down to Melbourne, flew to Tasmania for a month, back to Melbourne and drove on to Adelaide. Then flew to Perth, drove along the coast to Exmouth where we spent a month diving on the Ningaloo Reef.  Continue reading Australia Videos

New Zealand & South Pacific Videos

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New Zealand 2015:

Rotorua Canopy Tour: huge fun in the leafy coolness of Rotorua in New Zealand’s North Island: Continue reading New Zealand & South Pacific Videos

“…where the buffalo roam”

And they do, all over the place! Although they’re not actually buffalo, they are Bison – Bison bison to be exact. They are large and wooly, and rather scruffy at this time of year, as they’re shedding their winter coats. They also have large horns, and lots of muscle, it’s a smart idea to stay out of their way!

Artists Paintpot & Chromatic pool (121)

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African Spring

South Africa was a stunning experience.  We were there for three months during 2014. Winter was just turning into spring. We took lots of videos, and they’re all on our YouTube site.

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We also took lots of photos of animals, which we deliberately did not publish at the time, due to the high risk of poaching. Poachers can often geotrack animal locations from the information in photos. So here they are now!

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