Blue Creek Canopy Tour, oh wow, what a blast, what a wonderful experience!! Blue Creek village is in the Toledo district of southern Belize, and is a Mayan village.

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The small Blue Creek Canopy Tour experience works with the locals, and trains them to be certified tour guides, and zipline guides. They are very safety-conscious, the entire set-up here of the steps up the trees, the platforms, the connections, the ziplines, and the way the guides work with you, is very reassuring.  Contact them at  or phone: 501-653-6533).

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There is a small lodge with facilities, and lunch can be arranged if you call in advance. The location in the glorious, pristine Belizean rainforest is so beautiful and peaceful.  Blue Creek works to preserve the rainforest and so they restrict their guests to only 25 per day. There are 9 platforms and ziplines, and in between zips the guides point out the local birds and trees, and you get a chance to catch your breath and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Ziplining is exhilarating and exciting, and not hard work, so even if you’re not super-fit and athletic, it’s very do-able.

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Here’s our video of ziplining with Blue Creek:

When we finished ziplining, we relaxed by the river, and then were served a delicious lunch. After a little more relaxation, Pedro and Fernando took us to the Hokeb Ha caves. I admit to being pretty afraid of this experience. I knew there was water, and caves, and darkness involved. We had been told in advance to bring headlamps, we also have dive torches. We changed into our swimsuits and water shoes, and put on the lifejacket provided, and walked the short distance to the cave entrance.

Hokeb Ha cave has been considered sacred by the Maya for many years, and as long as visitors are respectful, the locals don’t mind us visiting. We  clambered over rocks, and soon were at the water’s edge. Just dive in, Pedro encouraged me, so I did! Cool water, but not too cold, submerged rocks. It’s a combination of swimming and walking on rocks.  It was fascinating to shine light on the different rock formations. We also saw small bats roosting in the side caves. Another thrilling experience, I’m glad I did it!

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And here’s a little video of the Hokeb Ha cave experience:

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