I have depression

I’m writing this to continue the discussion about mental health issues. I’m happy to see more discussion happening, and I think it’s important to keep talking, and to reduce and eventually remove the stigma of depression and other mental health issues.  Continue reading I have depression

Translucent Tasmania – South-based

Part 1 ~ South-based adventures (Hobart)!

Light, luminance, clarity – this is what comes to mind when I remember Tasmania. The light, the air, everything seemed so clean and clear and vibrant. I suppose many of us are so used to living in cities and countries where we’re used to a certain amount of smog and dirt in the air, and we just don’t notice it. Until we come to a place like Tasmania, where to look at landscapes and coastlines and oceans is like looking through a crystal. It is a hugely noticeable thing 🙂

Beautiful Tasmania
Beautiful Tasmania

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Translucent Tasmania – North-Based

Part 2 ~ North-based adventures (Launceston)!

Tasmania shines with light and clarity, sparkle and brightness. It’s a cliché, but the air really is like champagne, you can almost taste the bubbles 🙂

Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain
Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain

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5 top things we enjoyed in Melbourne

Walk round Fitzroy

We’re staying in Fitzroy, an older, elegant part of Melbourne, with some beautiful old buildings. We are enjoying staying in the Cairo building, Art Deco, built in 1936, with a bunch of interesting shops, restaurants and street art around. There’s also a tram stop right outside, and the Melbourne Museum across the road, what a great location!

Fitzroy area of Melbourne
Fitzroy area of Melbourne

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7 Top Things to do in Sydney

The first stop on our year-long visit to Australia was the iconic harbour city of Sydney. Such a beautiful city! Lots of stunning new architecture, we especially loved all the greenery and planting on balconies. There’s a lively, vibrant, young feel to the city, I can imagine living here  🙂

P1290015 (1280x853)

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Sapphire Coast Road Trip

~ Sydney to Melbourne

The stretch of New South Wales coastline down to the Victoria border is known as the Sapphire Coast. Now I know why…


Driving through little coastal towns with names like Bulli, Wollongong, Koonawarra, and the views are spectacular. Each turn in the road reveals more endless sapphire seas and incredible rock formations. What a place, what a country! I think we’re going to enjoy Australia!  Continue reading Sapphire Coast Road Trip

Australia Videos

We are planning to spend 2016 travelling round Australia. The plan (so far) is to go to Sydney, then drive down to Melbourne, fly to Tasmania for a month, back to Melbourne and drive on to Adelaide. Then fly to Perth, drive along the coast to Exmouth where we plan to spend a month diving on the Ningaloo Reef.  Continue reading Australia Videos

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