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Scuba diving, bungy jumping & ziplining videos

We have a YouTube channel! You can subscribe to it by clicking here:  Notdunroamin YouTube videos.

We love scuba diving, and have been fortunate to have enjoyed it in many beautiful locations. We don’t have video of every dive location we’ve been to, but we try! And yes, maybe we have a little adrenaline junky in us too, as we have really enjoyed bungy jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand, and ziplining in Belize and Costa Rica. Crazy? you decide 😉

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Costa Rica & Cuba Videos

We have a YouTube channel! You can subscribe to it by clicking here:  Notdunroamin YouTube videos.

We first visited Costa Rica in about 1994, and loved the diversity of landscape and animals to be found here. We were also impressed by the early conservation efforts made the government. We decided to come back in 2015, and spend some time volunteering on a turtle reserve: Pacuare Turtle Reserve, and then travel around the country.

Read about our time in Costa Rica by clicking here. These are our videos of Costa Rica: animals and fun!

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Photographing Faeries

Hummingbirds move so very fast, it’s hard to photograph them.  My regular camera seems to have died (I need to see if it can be repaired), and Chris tried taking stills and video with his video camera, but I think the most successful and fun photos came from the auto option on the smart phone, that takes bursts of photos with one press of the button.

hummies (4)

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Las baulas y las hormigas

(header photo courtesy of Miriam Girasol)

The Leatherbacks and the Ants!

I am coming to terms with leaf-cutter ants coming into our cabin at night, and walking their endless trail up and down the door with their carefully cut pieces of leaf ready to feed their fungus.

SANY0086 (1280x960)

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Central America coming up!

You may know that Chris and I have sold everything and are permanent travellers. We are mixing in working as volunteers on various conservation projects, with travelling and staying in interesting places, and living as much as possible with the locals. We’ve just spent Christmas in England with family, after a wonderful three months in South Africa, and we’re off again in a couple of days’ time!

We’ll be taking a one-way cruise from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale, on the beautiful Cunard ship Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth, from the Cunard line

We’ll be relaxing, and no doubt eating too much!

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