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Housesitting can be a good way to experience a more “local” kind of living, and a great way to save money too!  We were asked to stay in, and look after the home of a long-time friend, while we were in California, and so we decided to investigate further. Continue reading Housesitting

“…where the buffalo roam”

And they do, all over the place! Although they’re not actually buffalo, they are Bison – Bison bison to be exact. They are large and wooly, and rather scruffy at this time of year, as they’re shedding their winter coats. They also have large horns, and lots of muscle, it’s a smart idea to stay out of their way!

Artists Paintpot & Chromatic pool (121)

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USA Videos

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From November 2013, when we sold our house in San Jose, California, to April 2014, when we boarded a ship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to take us to England, we drove across the US, taking a southern route, and explored some interesting places. Continue reading USA Videos

New York, New York!

It’s a wonderful town! but honestly it’s SO flippin cold and wet, I don’t think we’ll be going ashore! And we have visited here before.


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“I’m going to Memphis, Memphis Tennessee…”

Well we went to Memphis last March, partly because it was on our route, and partly because I really wanted to see Beale Street and the home of the blues. We had just spent two glorious weeks in New Orleans, steeping ourselves in the live music venues of Frenchman Street, and I was really looking forward to something similar in Memphis. Continue reading “I’m going to Memphis, Memphis Tennessee…”

End of Chapter One

Hobe Sound & Fort Lauderdale

Writing this on our cruise ship as we motor closer to the Azores, I can now look back on our last few days in the US. Continue reading End of Chapter One

Throw me something, Mister!

I didn’t know what to expect of New Orleans. It was a mythical place full of history, music, colour, many races, food, corruption, terrible hurricanes and floods, awful stories of loss, strength, heroism, mismanagement, and ultimately regeneration.

SeaLife DC1400

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Gypsy Chickens of Key West

We drove down to Key West, just for the day. Driving the overseas highway is fun – it seems like a regular road, with businesses and houses, trees and landscaping, then suddenly it opens up and you realise that you’re on a bridge, driving between islands!


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