A Strange Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Day, nearly 20 years since Chris and I arrived in the US, and we’re now planning our departure. We’ve sold the house (completed and closed escrow yesterday), we’ve been in a small studio with kitchenette for several days, and today is Thanksgiving.

I’m feeling thankful for the combination of hard work and good luck that has brought us to this point, where we can actually do the things we’ve been planning.

Yesterday we took some time to go through what we’ve packed, again, and clear out more items, so we can attempt to travel a little more lightly. Fortunately we have several months travel by car, across the US, so we can move things out, and lighten the load as we go along.

packing boxes

Our rented studio is very small, so we’re compelled to learn tidiness, a bit of a challenge with all our worldly possessions in this room with us!

We have our next stay planned and booked: leaving San Jose for Monterey on Saturday, and we’ll be staying 2 nights. Today we really need to think about the next few places. Perhaps Cambria, then do we try to make it to Las Vegas in one go, or stop somewhere else along the way?  What shall we see, where shall we go? The journey is just beginning, please come along with us.

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