Back it up!

I git luckt, I’m typing on my touch screen keyboard.nMy real keyboard died yesterdaynwhen I spulled a glass of water on it. First time un my entirenlife of using computersnthat I’ve done that.

AUD200 to dry out the insides. More to come when the new keyboard arrives in a week, and the inconvenience and typos (see them?!) of using a tinyntouchscreen keyboard.

“Most” of my data is backed up,I’m pretty good about that.  But I hadn’t yet backed up about 1,000 photos from our trip in the Top End of Australia, that I’m stull working on.

I’m lucky my laptip was recoverable. And the first thing I did is rework my backup system, so that ALL photos go immediately and automarically into the cloud, not just when I’ve finished editinf, and remember.

There are lots of backup possibilities out there. Here’s some good info from Nomadic Matt on backups and online security.

I use Google drive for documents, 15GB free with your gmail account. I happen to be an Amazon Prime member, and that comes with free unlimuted phito storage. I also have 2 external hard drives. I have to remember to physically backup the hard drives, but my docs sync ti Google and my photos to Amazon, automatically as soon as I yave an internet connection.

So I’m lucky. Abd now for a week I have to suffer through using this tiny touch keyboard, and pay unexpected money for repairs, but at least I still have my data.

S8rry about the typis, I thought you’d like to share the results of my carelessness :/

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