Hail Nyx!

This is just a very short post to thank Brian and Maddie

Nyx Supporters Brian and Maddie

who we met in the street, waiting for the parades. Brian’s wife Kaye was on float number 5, in the Krewe of Nyx,

Krewe of Nyx
Krewe of Nyx

the second parade tonight, after the Krewe of Druids.

Krewe of Druids
Krewe of Druids

There’ll be a longer post later, when I’ve had a chance to digest this amazing experience.

When we told Brian this was our first Mardi Gras, and our first parade, he was talking with Kaye on the phone, and she told him she would be giving us throws. Wow did we get throws! Although our possessions are pared down to a minimum I will keep the beautiful purse, hand-decorated by Kaye.

I am simply overwhelmed by emotion. I know these Krewes work hard at their craft. Watching the people in the parades: the dancers, the marching bands, the cheer groups, the Krewes on the floats, the security people and chaperones. The parades go for miles, and hours. The people on the floats work hard throwing their goodies and beads. The bands march, the dancers dance, the cheer groups cheer and perform. So many groups of people. It was an unusually cold evening, some of these people are very skimpily dressed, and yet they smiled and danced and joked and performed, and gave us everything. I can only say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul, I will never forget this.


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