Cross-US, southern route

The map above shows a draft, at least, this is about draft #4 I think, of the first part of our travels. 

The plan was achieved! We set off in late November 2013, from San Jose California, and drove across the US, until we reached Florida in April 2014. We stayed in the south (because of winter!) and the map shows our (approximate!)  planned route. We stayed for a few days, or longer, in various places.  We enjoyed the different cities and landscapes in Texas. New Orleans for Mardi Gras was wonderful. We enjoyed beautiful old southern towns like Savannah and Charleston. When we got to Florida, we drove the over the water highway down the Keys, and did some diving. Then we turned back to Fort Lauderdale, sold the car, and boarded our first repositioning cruise, stopping off in the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Azores, before landing in Southampton England in early May 2014.

Check out our blog posts under USA, about our amazing trip across the US! What an incredible time we had, what wonderful people we met! Thank you everyone!

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